Maria Sharapova and the lateral wall drill

Maria Sharapova does the lateral wall drill with personal trainer.

A basic exercise to teach the correct firing patterns of the glutes and quads, this drill progresses on to the resisted lateral skips illustrated at right. Together, they train the player to initiate leg extension with both the glute and quad (not just the quad). This is a key to efficient and injuryfree movement.

Lean at about a 60- degree angle with your left hand against a wall and raise your left leg 90 degrees at the hip. Keep your foot cocked and your core stable by drawing the bellybutton toward the spine. Maintain an erect posture and drive the left leg into the ground while picking your right leg up to 90 degrees. Do three to four sets of six to 10 steps with each leg.

Maria Sharapova Lateral Wall Drill

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