Top 10 Women Celebrity Bodies of 2010

Rated by Muscle Measure Team

Top 10 Celebrity Body rated by Muscle Measure Team

10. Nina Dobrev, Actress

The Vampire Diaries star and also hardcore yoga body.

Nina Dobrev Working on Her Fitness and Beach ready

Nina Dobrev Working Fit and Bikini Body

9. Gisele Bündchen, Supermodel

29-year-old supermodel who reportedly followed the French Dukan Diet.

Gisele Bündchen, Supermodel

Gisele Bündchen, Supermodel Body

8.Pink, Singer

Buffest bods in Singerwood,trapeze-style performance stunts needs all that core strength.

P!nk Rockin fit Body

Buffest bods in Singerwood

7. Gwen Stefani, Singer

Singer, star fashion designer, and 41-year-old mother what more can we say.

Gwen Stefani Singer Fashion Body

Gwen Stefani Singer Fashion Body

6. Kim Kardashian, Reality Celebrity

Curves for days! Kim mixes cardio with a series of jumping rope and upper- and lower-body exercises.

Kim Kardashian, Reality Celebrity Curves for days

Kim Kardashian, Reality Celebrity Curves for days

5. Jennifer Aniston, Actress

yoga and high-intensity cardio and eats smart

Jennifer Aniston, Actress Yoga and high-intensity cardio

Jennifer Aniston, Actress Yoga and high-intensity cardio

4. Katy Perry, Musician

all-organic diet and jump rope

Katy Perry, Musician

Katy Perry, Musician

3. Carrie Underwood, Musician

vegetarian and keeping a food journal, swimming and kickboxing

Carrie Underwood, Musician is a vegetarian

Carrie Underwood, Musician is a vegetarian

2. Brooklyn Decker, Model/Actress

Sports Illustrated cover girl, well-rounded hour-long workout five days a week. Combo includes cardio (running, Spinning classes, or the elliptical machine), abs moves, and weight training.

Brooklyn Decker Model is a Sports Illustrated cover girl,

Brooklyn Decker Model is a Sports Illustrated cover girl,

1. Marisa Miller, Supermodel

“I’m 100 percent natural, but I have to work hard to stay in shape.”

Marisa Miller Bikini surfing is a total body workout

Marisa Miller Bikini surfing is a total body workout

Healthy Special Mention

Kelly Osbourne and singer Jennifer Hudson with a combination of healthy eating and regular exercise.

Kelly Osbourne and singer Jennifer Hudson with a combination of healthy eating and regular exercise.

Kelly Osbourne and singer Jennifer Hudson with a combination of healthy eating and regular exercise.

Jennifer Hudson Dreamgirls star, scored top marks for dropping from an American size 16 to a size 6!
Kelly Osbourne for dropping a whopping 50 pounds. Her slim down started at ‘Dancing with Stars’ where she lost 20lbs


4 com

The Expendables Trailer

Stallone with 62 years old – Training for The Expendables

2 com

Christina Milian bikini

Christina Milian bikini

Christina Milian Workout Strip-a-robics

DOB: September 26, 1981
Christine Flores , better known by her stage name Christina Milian, is an American R&B and pop singer-songwriter, record producer, dancer, actress, and model. Born in Jersey City, New Jersey, Milian moved to Los Angeles when she was 13 years old, desiring to be an actress. By the age of 17, Milian had begun writing songs to help obtain a recording contract. Milian has released three studio albums, and has finished recording a fourth, Elope, which is scheduled for a late 2009 or early 2010 release.

Christina Milian has a sexy way of staying in shape – ‘Strip-a-robics’.

The ‘Dip It Low’ singer has revealed she honed her stunning figure by attending raunchy aerobics classes, which involved pole-dancing and seductive moves.

She confessed: “Last year, me and four friends went to ‘Strip-a-robics’. It was so much fun! It was an hour and a half so you got a real workout but at the same time, it was very sexual – it was so hot.”

But when Christina tried to recreate the steamy moves in the privacy of her own home, she found it difficult without her own lap-dancing pole.

She admitted: “I tried to do it at home but it didn’t work – I need to put a pole in my bedroom, I think!”

Christina has also revealed she would strip off on screen – but not for another ten years.

Milian works out six days a week. Her workout includes 30 minutes of running on the treadmill, then she will do situps, lunges and squats.

The teeny 5ft 2 star admits she has a weakness for junk food. When asked what her biggest vice is, Christina replied “Cheetos, Oreos, everything terrible!” Christina had to start watching what she eats after suffering an allergic reaction to radishes. “I had hives everywhere for a month! I thought, I can’t control this, but I can control the way I look and be fit.”

Christina Milian knows a bit about dieting, when she was 16 she was quite chubby and lost a total of 25 pounds.“My friend Jessica Biel taught me about healthy eating. We would have beans and apples as a snack.”


Ghosts of Girlfriends Past as Keelia
Bring It On: Fight to the Finish as Lina Cruz


Gwyneth Paltrow’s Workout Routine

5’9” Gwyneth Paltrow She has a 40 minute cardio dance routine which helps with blood circulation and keeps the heart in good shape.

“I just can’t do it. I just cannot diet,” Paltrow, 35, told Oprah. “I think maybe it’s the idea that you can’t have something… It’s worth it to me to do that extra exercise so I can eat what I want and not think about it.”

Gwyneth Paltrow Body

Gwyneth Paltrow Body


30 Minute Medley Workout for Women


Lady Gaga singer exercise and diet
DOB: March 28, 1986
Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta better known by her stage name Lady Gaga, is an American recording artist. She began playing in clubs in the New York City area while also working at Interscope Records as a songwriter for several established acts, including Akon who, after hearing Gaga sing, convinced Interscope Records chairman Jimmy Iovine to sign her to a joint deal with the label and Akon’s Kon Live Distribution label. Musically, she is inspired by glam rockers such as David Bowie and Queen, as well as pop singers such as Michael Jackson and Madonna.

Unlike other celebrities, Lady Gaga doesn’t go to gyms to pump iron. Instead, she does what she loves best–dancing and staying active

Step 1
Dance your way to sexy legs.

Start a dancing regimen. Ball dancing, belly dancing, hip hop, or even pole dancing instantly shapes and tones thighs. Many gyms offer dancing classes that incorporate exercise with dancing, upping the challenge. Dancing exercise videos are also available as DVDs, where you can dance yourself to Lady Gaga legs within weeks. Make sure to do it often, or at least 30 minutes a day, three times a week. Lady Gaga works hard to keep her legs in shape, and slacking off won’t do you any good here.

Step 2
Try biking to work instead of taking your car.

Keep moving. Lady Gaga is always on the go, partying at clubs and moving her body whenever she can to keep herself in shape. Apply this to your workout routine by regularly engaging in fun but active activities, such as riding your bike, walking to the store, or playing tennis. You’ll be surprised how fast your legs tone and slim down, just like Lady Gaga.

Step 3
Go pantless to keep your exercise routine in check.

Wear leggings to keep yourself in check. It’s easy to deviate from an exercise or diet routine if you wear baggy clothes, but if you dress similarly to Lady Gaga, you won’t have any room to hide last night’s binge. Wear leggings or tight fitting pants often, and if possible, go pantless. It keeps you accountable–and beaming with delight once you’ve achieved those sexy Lady Gaga legs.

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