An Outline of Jessica Biel’s Workout

By Rusty Moore

Jessica Biel probably has the best body in Hollywood. Seriously, she is a great role model for women who want to get in shape. Jason Walsh, her personal trainer recently revealed to People Magazine the workout that gives her slim thighs, firm butt, and generally a rocking body!

Were you lucky enough to see Jessica Biel in the movie Blade 3? If you did, you may have seen fitness perfection. Seriously…Jessica looked amazing in that movie. As a side note, Ryan Reynolds got in amazing shape as well. The great thing about Jessica Biel is that she manages to stay in amazing shape without losing her femininity.

So here is a summary of Jessica Biel’s Workout (along with my comments)

1) Cardio…for cardio she does interval training. After jogging for 1/2 a mile to warm up, she does a total of 6 sprints with short rests in between. She sprints for two sets of 200 meter sprints, two sets of 150 meter sprints, and two sets of 100 meter sprints.

My Comments: This is the best form of cardio to really burn stubborn body fat quickly. High Intensity Interval Training has been shown to burn significantly more body fat than steady state aerobics.

2) Plyometrics...”These hurt,” says Walsh of stair jumping. “Even athletes hate them. After Jessica did these the first time, she would’ve punched me if she had the energy.” How-to: Jump from the bottom step of a flight of at least 20 stairs to the third. Keep going, skipping a stair each jump.

My Comments: Her trainer, Jason Walsh, understands that plyometrics tone the body in ways that can’t be duplicated in the gym. It makes sense that he would recommend these, because Jessica will get better muscle tone as a result. This is one of the reasons why I believe that athletes have better looking bodies than people who only workout in the gym.

3) Weight Training...”We tend to use lighter weights and do more reps,” he says. “We keep moving, so it becomes a cardio workout too.”

My Comments: This is what Craig Ballantyne, who wrote an excellent book called Turbulence Training, recommends. You can basically burn fat like crazy if you do your weight training in a very specific manner.

4) For the Abs…”Hanging leg raises don’t build a six-pack, but they flatten,” says Walsh. “Jessica hates them, but she powers through!” They also do the Russian Twist. Sit down and lean back slightly. Hold a 5-lb. medicine ball and twist from side to side, 15 twists per side, three reps.

My Comments: I don’t agree with this approach to developing the abs. The problem with hanging leg raises is that they shorten the hip flexors which can dramatically increase your chances for injuries. I am a big believer in a great exercise called “planks”. Not only are they effective…they help protect your back from injury as well.

Summary…Jessica Biel’s Workout is very similar to a high level athlete. It makes sense that she would have a better looking body than most other actresses in Hollywood…she is training at a higher level. Her approach is intense interval workouts, which have proven time and time again to burn more body fat than “slow and steady” types of workouts. No wonder why she looks so good!

About the Author: Rusty Moore is a trainer who gives advice to men and women who want a body that attracts the opposite sex. Don’t train to be bulky! Learn the Fitness secrets of Hollywood’s finest and get lean and sexy instead. Visit his site today…

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Jessica Biel workout for her role in Powder Blue

Jessica Biel is coming to a cinema near you in a “thong…… thong, thong, thong thong” and bra for her latest role – as a stripper working to support her terminally ill son.

Jessica who is currently dating Justin Timberlake is bringing sexy back as Rose-Johnny in Powder Blue.

This behind the scenes look at Jessica Biel’s workout routine for her role in Powder Blue, from Access Hollywood. Just click on play and check it out.

Powder Blue Trailer

Dancer Pole, Treadmill Or Kettlebell, Cardio

Women are now using the Dancer Pole for fitness. In t he past they used to go the gym and take part in boring aerobics, step classes and spin class. Then came the stripper pole. Yes, this is the same stripper pole you are thinking of.
The dancer pole is great for building strength around the abdomen and hips.

with moves like the “Fireman” teach women how to spin properly around the pole. It only takes a few times to learn and the women are spinning around and they are laughing and egging each other on. and this seems to be the thing that is making this take off. Its the camaraderie that is really keeping these ladies coming back for more.
Cardio For Six Pack Abs

Cardiovascular training or cardio as we know it, is an aerobic solution that allows for more oxygen to be pumped through your body and hence burn more energy, muscle or fat. Latest research suggests that if you want six pack abdominals and a physique like a 100 meter sprinter, then less is actually more. So whats the best cardio for a six pack.
H.I.T.T. – High Intensity Interval Training.

What is it? Well it basically makes you work slightly harder with less time. So forget about the age old notion of spending hours on the treadmill. All you really need is 20 minutes, at a varied pace. Here is why, new research has found that long state steady cardio can actually start burning muscle for energy. Now, muscle is your fat burner, yes, the more lean muscle you have the higher your metabolism. So why would you want to burn your muscles?

On the other hand HITT is anaerobic, like weight training, as the intensity is varied. After a resistance training session your metabolism is continually raised as it tries to repair your body. Enter Interval Training, which is exactly the same. After slow and boring low intensity cardio your metabolism returns to normal, however with HITT your body’s’ metabolism is raised for up to the next 24 hours, sometimes up to 48 hours! So train with Intensity.
Treadmill or Kettlebell

Cardio must be done at the gym, right? Or pounding the pavements outside in the cold and rain, or by lapping the pool for hours on end?
Well, no, not at all – especially when you have a kettlebell or two to hand!
Cardiovascular activity is anything that involves elevating the heart rate to get it working harder than usual, and will involve movement of the major limbs in order to elicit an elevated heart rate response.

We all think of the obvious forms of cardio, but even weight training can have a cardiovascular benefit when the exercises are performed with minimal rest in between. I’m sure you’ve heard of circuit training, but when it comes to performing cardio outside of a circuit class we all tend to migrate to the ‘usuals’.

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Jessica Biel’s Workout

Jessica Biel Bikini

Jessica Biel’s Workout

“There’s no pill, there’s no diet, there’s no magic drink.” Jessica Biel

Jessica Biel from Blade Trinity and I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry shows you can still be toned and firm and not lose your femininity. She is a perfect example of in shape Hollywood.

Warm Up

– 5 minutes of on the treadmill

– 3 to 5 minutes of light stretching (warm-ups was the walking lunge 8 to 10 repetitions per leg).

Cardiovascular exercise

– Jogs for half a mile to warm up

– intervals with 6 sprints(Rests about a minute between each sprint:
2 sets of 200 meter sprints
2 sets of 150 meter sprints
2 sets of 100 meter sprints

Plyometrics training

– Plyometrics training is specialized, high intensity training techniques used to develop athletic power (strength and speed).
Jessica Biel jumps from the bottom step of a flight of at least 20 stairs with 3 flights in total
Another plyometric exercise she has done was the jumping squats. (She did 12 repetitions) exercise tightened up her legs and core muscles.

Weight Training

– Her weight workout that changed from week to week such as shoulders, opposing body parts, chest, back, biceps, triceps, quadriceps and hamstrings.


– leg raises with Russian twist and crunches.

She was able to loose 10 pounds(4.6kgs) and reduced her body fat by 10 percent before shooting Blade Trinity.



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