Jenny McCarthy Weight Watchers Diet

DOB: November 1, 1972



Jennifer Ann “Jenny” McCarthy is an American model, comedian, actress, author, and activist. She began her career as a Playboy magazine model in 1993, before launching a television and film acting career. Most recently, she has written books on parenting issues and has become an activist promoting the awareness of autism.

Even Hollywood can’t resistant this tried-and-true, super-flexible weight loss program. Jenny McCarthy and the former Duchess Sarah Ferguson both owe their leaner figures to the Points.

After losing 60 pounds of postpartum weight in 6 months on Weight Watchers, Jenny McCarthy signed on as their spokeswoman celeb in 2006. Currently dating funny-man Jim Carrey, she has continued to maintain the weight loss and is now a Weight Watchers “lifer” she tells US weekly. Not a fan of working out, although she does sporadic jogging and Tae-Bo, Jenny says “it’s what you put in your mouth that keeps your jeans fitting.”

Weight Watchers is essentially a calorie counting plan based on their proprietary points system. Like any standard calorie counting plan, you can basically eat anything as long as you stay within your alloted daily points. While Weight Watcher points are calculated from calories, fat and fiber ( the higher the calories and fat the more points, the higher the fiber the less points), the biggest factor in determining a points value for a food is far and away calories.

Jenny McCarthy’s Diet Plan
According to US weekly, a sample menu from her daily diet is: Watermelon for breakfast, Tuna salad for lunch and a 3 ounce steak for dinner.

Past and present celebrity spokespeople for Weight Watchers® include:

* Jenny McCarthy (model, comedian, actress, author)
* Sarah Ferguson, aka Fergie (Duchess of York)
* Lynn Redgrave (actress)

Currently, Jenny McCarthy’s diet consists of egg whites, vegetables, fruits, and fish. As for snacks, she likes snacking on nuts