Sarah Harding – Girls Aloud’s diet secrets

SARAH HARDING – lost 7lb
DOB: 17 November 1981
Sarah Nicole Harding is an English singer and model, best known for her work with the pop group Girls Aloud

Sarah Harding Beach Body

Sarah Harding Beach Body

‘I wasn’t fat, but I’ve toned my wobbly bits’

Fitness fanatic Sarah Harding, 24, has a figure most girls would die for, but even she has her pet hates: her hips. ‘I’ve always had a pretty flat stomach, but like most women it’s my legs, thighs and bum which are a bit wobbly,’ she says.

Sarah says it was the girl’s own decision to get fit that led them to shape up. ‘When we were recording in Kent, we’d get up early and go for runs in the gorgeous countryside with our personal trainer. It killed us at first. But we weren’t forced to do it.’

Sarah works hard to maintain her figure. Her gruelling routine includes running 3km, 10 minutes of rowing, leg weights and 100 stomach crunches. ‘That’s my morning routine with a bowl of Special K, if I haven’t got to be up at the crack of dawn,’ she laughs.

She’s fairly happy with her curvy size 10 figure and doesn’t plan to lose any more weight. ‘I feel so much healthier. I’ve lost 7lb so I’m just over 8st now. I knew I was never fat, but I just wanted to tone the wobbly bits.’

Sarah steers clear of fad diets, but she does watch her carbohydrate intake. ‘I love bread and pasta, but I feel bloated whenever I eat too many carbs. I do have a weakness for Jaffa Cakes, though – I can easily polish off a whole packet for breakfast,’ she says. ‘I’m no angel. I still love takeaways and have the odd binge. I’m only human.’

Even now, Sarah still enjoys a fried breakfast when she’s famished. She’s also partial to the odd glass of wine and greasy kebab. ‘I don’t think it’s right to deprive yourself. I go to the gym as often as I can, so I’m certainly allowed the odd treat now and again.’
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