Nocola Roberts – Girls Aloud’s diet secrets

Nocola Roberts – toned up

DOB: 5 October 1985



Nicola Roberts is an English singer and make up designer, most famous for being the youngest member of pop group Girls Aloud. She is also known for creating the beauty range Dainty Doll.

‘I do 500 sit-ups a day to keep my flat tum’

She’s been labelled ‘stroppy’ and ‘moody’, but behind her feisty exterior Nicola Roberts has been battling an undiagnosed health problem.

Nicola, 21, reveals how it affected her mood and caused her to gorge on fast food – and why she finally decided to seek help when she almost collapsed before a gig.

‘I broke down in tears before one of our shows because I felt so weak. I was close to fainting, but I had no idea what was wrong with me. I just couldn’t stop eating and I was always hungry,’ she says.

Being constantly on the road with Girls Aloud meant Nicola always opted for the easy option – junk food. ‘It’s hard to eat properly so I’d have McDonald’s for breakfast, lunch and dinner while the rest of the girls were eating salads.’

The former redhead was diagnosed with having the iron deficiency anaemia. ‘Now I take iron tablets twice a day and I’ve got a lot more energy.’

Nicola’s joined a gym in a bid to lead a healthier lifestyle. ‘When we went into the studio all we’d do was sit there from 11am to 9pm and stuff our faces with fried breakfasts and chips.’

She now works out regularly and has become hooked on stomach crunches – she does 500 a day to maintain her ultra-flat abs. ‘It sounds crazy, but it’s not that bad – especially if you do it in sets of 20s.’

And she tries to eat a more balanced diet. ‘I’m a big fan of chips and gravy, but I’ve cut down on junk food. I’m lucky to have a fast metabolism, so I just don’t put on weight easily.’

At 5ft 5in, Nicola weighs in at 8st 5lb, but says she wouldn’t mind putting more weight on. ‘My weight fluctuates all the time and I actually feel better when I’m about 9st. I joined the band when I was 16, so I was really scrawny. Now I’ve grown into my body and filled out and it feels much better.’

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