Miranda Kerr

Miranda Kerr

At the gym: Stretching session for five-10 minutes to warm up.

Outside: Miranda and I then go to a running track and run for 2.5km. She averages five minutes per kilometre. At the end we walk it out, take one minute’s rest, and run back. Miranda runs between three and five kilometres, once or twice a week. I might build it a little more or less, depending on what she has coming up. “I make sure all my models run – whether they’re lean, fit and skinny or overweight – the cardiovascular system helps them stay lean and healthy.”

Back to the gym: As soon as we’re done with our run, we go to the gym and will work with either boxing gloves, bands, resistor balls or medicine balls, plus we do some weight work for longer, leaner, sexier legs. Miranda does leg extensions, leg presses and calf raises. She’ll do 20 leg kicks either side, then balance on one foot holding a ball or weight for 30 seconds. She’ll do three sets on each leg.

The eating plan
– A lot of models live on sugar for energy. I don’t mind them getting sugar from fruits like strawberries, boysenberries, blueberries, raspberries and pomegranate because they’re packed with antioxidants.
– I encourage them to buy old-fashioned oatmeal for breakfast, egg whites, vegies, cottage cheese and fruit, muesli and yoghurt. They need to eat a good breakfast with carbohydrates, because they’re at castings all day.
– I suggest salads at lunch with chicken and fish, with fruit for a healthy snack. Dinner options include sashimi with brown rice, chicken, fish, turkey and vegetables.
– Eat a little bit of dark chocolate or ice-cream twice a week, just so you don’t splurge and go overboard with chocolate, cookies and sugar.

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