Miranda Kerr Diet


Miranda May Kerr (born 20 April 1983) is an Australian model, best known as one of the Victoria’s Secret Angels. She was the first Australian addition to the Victoria’s Secret campaign, and was the face of Australian fashion chain Portmans. Kerr rose to prominence within the fashion industry in her mid-teens after winning a 1997 Australian nation-wide model search hosted by Dolly Magazine and Impulse fragrances. Her youth caused controversy in the Australian press, which raised concerns about the ethics of showing such a young girl in skimpy clothing.Kerr’s career has continued to expand, and as of 2008, she has achieved international fame.

Miranda Kerr is definitely an advocate for healthy eating and exercise but it has been revealed that maintains her supermodel figure by taking green tea pills to aid weight loss. In my last post about Miranda Kerr she gave advice to a fan who wanted to know about her diet and exercise regime (see below). One thing you will notice is that the supermodel drinks alot of green tea. Green tea is a huge weight loss aid but many people don’t have time to drink enough tea or just hate the taste. A source close to Miranda revealed “She’s always been a healthy eater, she just needs a bit of help to get the last few kilos off before a shoot. She has been taking green tea Diet Pills ever since she found out she would be working for Victorias Secret. It’s not a big deal, heaps of the models use them to lose weight”

I have tried keeping an eye out for these mysterious green tea Diet Pills but haven’t had any luck. If you take them let us know if you are seeing such great results like Miranda!

A typical daily diet if I am home is:

* Fresh fruit salad with yoghurt and muesli
* 2 x Rye toast with avocado and boiled eggs
* Water with lemon and ginger
* Cup of green tea

Pecans, almonds and walnuts to nibble on for morning tea (sometimes roasted in tamari)

Fresh tuna salad with spelt crispbreads
Water with lemon
Dandelion Tea

Piece of fruit or nuts for afternoon tea

Either a salmon steak or other fish or Lamb Loin chops or a piece of steak with veges or salad
I don’t eat a lot of potato, but I eat heaps of greens and sweet potato and pumpkin roasted.

Cup of Green tea with ginger

Hope this helps. Love Miranda

[source: http://www.celebrity-diets.org]