KIMBERLEY WALSH Girls Aloud’s diet secrets


DOB: 20 November 1981

Kimberley Jane Walsh is an English singer for the pop group Girls Aloud. Walsh also acted as band-mate Cheryl Cole’s advisor on The X Factor during the judges’ houses stage of the show, helping Cole to decide who to put through to the live shows. Kimberly was placed number 37 in FHM sexiest women.

‘Of all of us I have to try the hardest to keep the weight off’

After losing weight on Kelloggs’ ‘cereal diet’ and Atkins, Kimberley Walsh has decided the best way to truly shed the pounds is to eat healthily 90 per cent of the time and join a gym.

‘It’s not what people want to hear but it’s the only way that works,’ she sighs. ‘The other 10 per cent you can have a treat – Häagen-Dazs’ Pralines & Cream is the best flavour in the world,’ she suggests with a grin.

‘I tried the Atkins diet religiously for three weeks. I lost 8lb, but as soon as I got fed up with it the weight came back on. So I tried the cereal diet, which is two bowls of cereal a day and then one proper meal in the evening. It worked, but the same thing happened.’

Now I just go for the healthiest option on the menu. It’s boring, but age isn’t on my side anymore,’ says the 24-year-old singer. ‘I’d like to go back down to 8st 5lb, but I’m just under 9st now.

‘Out of all of us, I have to try the hardest to keep the weight off. I think I’m quite normal – not thin, not fat – and my stomach’s OK because I used to dance loads. But it’s mostly my bum that annoys me. Fortunately people like J-Lo and Beyoncé are flying the flag for people with big bums, so it puts me more at ease with it.’

For now, 5ft 5in Kimberley says one of her biggest problems is flatmate Nadine.

‘She’s the worst person to live with because she’d buy the unhealthiest foods – sticky toffee puddings and crisps. It was torture for me. Now we have rocket salad and balsamic vinegar. But we always keep a couple of bottles of champagne in the fridge just in case anyone pops round!’
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