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Jessica Alba Beach and Movie Star Body

Jessica Alba works out and keeps fit by walking her dog in Hollywood Hills.

– Warm-up for 10-15 minutes to bring your heart rate up on the treadmill or elliptical

– 45 minutes – 1 hour of cardio 5 days a week.

– The hot bodied actress does crunches while lying on an exercise ball.

– Lunges to strengthen and tone the quadriceps muscles, gluteal muscles and the muscles comprising the hamstrings.

– 10 minute cool down on the treadmill or elliptical to bring your heart rate back down

Jessica Alba Swimsuit

Jessica Alba Waterbottle

She also drinks plenty of water through out her day.

What Does Jessica Alba Eat?

“Everyone in my family is heavily overweight. I wanted to be healthier, so I started cooking for myself when I was 12 years old. When I eat breakfast, I’ll have an egg-white omelette and fruit, or cottage cheese and a peach. For lunch, I’ll have a salad. Dinner is usually vegetables and chicken or fish. During the day I’ll have some dried fruit, or I’ll have a chocolate or strawberry frozen yogurt. I don’t really eat desserts or bread.”

How Does Jessica Alba Workout?

“I try to work out every day for 45 minutes to an hour. I start out on the treadmills or elliptical machine for 10 to 15 minutes to get my heart rate up to 180 beats per minute. Then I do 50 lunges and crunches. Next I get back on the machine for another 10 minutes. Then I work on shoulders, biceps and triceps. I do that nonstop for four sets. When I work out, I have energy and feel good about myself.”

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