Eva Mendes talks workout and diet

DOB: March 5, 1974

eva mendes body

eva mendes body

Eva Mendes is an American actress and is factor 5 diet fit. Eva Mendes says “I don’t emphasize on losing weight ever. I emphasize on just bettering my life. That’s why I don’t succumb to the pressure in Hollywood to be thin, because I am what I want to be. What I want is to feel really good inside and out.”

Eva Mendes says “My vision of a perfect body is a really healthy one, I think perfect bodies come in [all shapes and sizes] … you have the tall, slender GISELE-like perfect body. Then you have the JENNIFER LOPEZ perfect body, and then you have the BEYONCÉ perfect body. I appreciate women in all shapes and sizes because we are beautiful creatures.”


 Celebrity trainer Harley Pasternak has been working with Eva Mendes for over three years. Because she follows his 5-factor diet exercise program year-round, she didn’t have to change much in her daily routine to look phenomenal for the role.

“This film was really about her being sexy and strong,” says Pasternak.

“She is lean and fit, but maintained her natural feminine curves.”

She had four to five workouts a week, each averaging 45 minutes. The workouts include five phases: cardio, upper strength, lower strength, abs and cardio. While she excels at ab work and hamstring exercises like dead lifts, her biggest challenge is upper strength, specifically the shoulder work.

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