Danica Patrick Yoga

Danica Patrick Yoga

Danica Patrick talks exercise

At 5’2″ and barely over a hundred pounds, this IndyCar hotshot is driving laps around guys twice her size.

According to the star, her exercise routine is not something regular women could keep up with if not aiming for a similar goal as hers. She works out almost every day for several hours, focusing on increasing her strength and building muscle, essential to handle her 1,500-pound vehicle. For better results and to avoid routine, Danica Patrick has her personal trainer change her training every six months – this way, she knows for certain she will never become bored with working out.

“I have to work harder than those bigger guys to control my car.” Danica says for Shape. To illustrate, from April to September, meaning during race season, the star runs for an hour every day, then hits the gym to do upper body exercises meant to strengthen her shoulders, forearms, and back. However, she always keeps in mind that, no matter how hard she works, even she needs a break every now and then. “I skip days here and there and don’t beat myself up for it. My husband always reminds me to let my body rest.” Patrick explains.

As for her diet, the race driver is again focused on her health. She knows she needs foods to fuel her vigorous workouts, which is why she has adopted a high-protein diet with complex carbs. Keeping her weight constant while also having enough energy for exercise is essential to her, as she herself admits, but she has found a way to do so by cooking her own meals. “I worry about the scale like anyone else, but I have to make it through five-hour races. It’s a constant battle for me.

“I get hungry every three hours, so I also like to munch on an apple or whole-wheat toast with peanut butter,” says Danica, who adds, “I like my food to be tasty.”