Cameron Diaz’s workout? Surfing

Name: Cameron Diaz

Date of Birth: 30 Aug 1972

Birth Place: San Diego, USA

Cameron Diaz Surfer

American actress and former fashion model. She is one of only two actresses (the other being Julia Roberts) to join the “$20 Million Club” after receiving this salary for Charlie’s Angels.

Cameron’s workout-wonder? Surfing. After she split with Justin Timberlake in early 2007, she started focusing on her body, and worked out with pro-surfer (and beach hottie) Kelly Slater. She describes surfing as a ‘religious experience’, and also loves snow-boarding and hiking. Cameron’s also a well-known gym bunny, and follows a vigorous workout focused on toning. From Monday to Friday, she does 25 to 30 minutes of cardio and weights plus reverse lunges and wide plies – gym speak. Cam uses personal trainer Teddy Bass to put her through her paces. ‘[Working out] is a major part of keeping my sanity. I have a personal trainer three times a week — that’s my one celebrity indulgence. I’m really lazy and I need somebody to tell me what to do or I don’t do it,’ she laughs.

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