David Beckham Mens Health

David Beckham Mens Health

David Beckham on Mens Health

David Beckham is the poster boy for English football, David Beckham currently plays in midfield for American Major League Soccer club Los Angeles Galaxy and the England national team.

David Beckham, the bulk of his cardio fitness training probably comes from football training sessions, but supplemented with some running and cycling. The main training routine for footballers is a specific circuit training routine. Footballers include in their arsenal speed work and plyometric training routines, as well as classic old school circuit training, such as shuttle runs, squat thrusts, jumping jacks, skipping, jogging forwards and backwards, plus abs/core workouts and upper-body conditional with crunches, leg raises and press-ups (push ups).

When it comes to fitness, Becks analyzes goals and decides what to leave out. “I went through a stage a few years ago where I lifted a lot of weights and put on about a stone [about 14 pounds] and ended up not being able to run,” he says. Cutting out weights saved time and enhanced the skill Beckham needs most on the field: speed.

“I’ve always kept myself in shape. I look after my body. For the 10 days before coming back to play for LA Galaxy earlier in the week, I did 10 miles on a bike every day,” The Mirror.co.uk quoted Beckham, as saying.

“I’m very self-disciplined. I always time my runs and keep a check on my fitness levels. I’ve been running and working in the gym and I do an hour of Pilates, which is a stretching and breathing routine, every day,” he added.

The 34 year-old also stressed that his stay at AC Milan helped him immensely to keep his fitness up to the level.

“Being at AC Milan has been incredible in terms of keeping my fitness up and giving me confidence that I can go straight back into a European side, Beckham said.

Beckham also highlighted that he was more confident about his fitness and was determined to match the career of former AC Milan captain Paolo Maldini, who retired last month after a 24-year career.

“I feel fit enough to play at the top level still. When I don’t feel that way, that’s when I’ll know to quit. The Milan doctors told me that I have the same sort of make-up as Maldini. They said that if I keep up my present levels of fitness I can progress as long as I want to,” he said.
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David Beckham Mens Health

David Beckham Mens Health