Daniel Craig 007 Workout and Diet

As James Bond: Quantum Solace is released everyone wants to know what kind of program Daniel Craig is on to get so buff at age 40. Simon Waterson is an elite personal trainer in the UK who has put together a strength & conditioning program as well as a nutrition plan for Simon Craig.

Daniel Craig’s Workout:
The circuit consisted of 7 exercises and 4 sets where the first set is the warm-up set to allow Daniel to warm up his muscles and get the correct posture and form. 15 reps of each exercise is done and all 7 exercises are done back to back with minimal rest to really get the heart rate going.

1. The Clean and Jerk: Stand with your heels on the ground. Grab a barbell like you are going to do a deadlift. Lift it to your mid thighs, flip to your chest, then press overhead.

2. Squat: Traditional squats with wide stance and toes pointing out a bit. Just go down to 90 degrees. Don’t lock out at the top.

3. Bench Press: Basic barbell bench press, but take 3 seconds to lower and one second to raise the weight. Don’t lockout at top.

4. Pull Ups or Chin Ups: Take an overhand grip, and make sure you go up high enough to where your chin goes over the bar. If these are too difficult use a chin up machine or lat pull down machine.

5. Dips: Basic dips and go down to where your elbows reach 90 degrees before going back up. Use a Gravitron machine that assists you with dips if you are not strong enough.

6. Bicep Curls: Use a straight bar if possible and use a full range of motion.

7. Dumbbell Lateral Raises: Bend your arms 90 degree’s and use a strict motion to raise the dumbbells to shoulder level. It is best to use a light weight and be strict with these

Daniel Craig’s circuit session was followed by an Ab Routine:

The first set was 15 reps, 2nd was 20 reps, and 3rd was 25 reps.
1. Crunches – Normal everyday crunches. Knees bent, slide your hands to the top and repeat.
2. Crunches Legs Raised -Straight away legs up and crossed hands on temple bring elbows & knees together .
3. Ab Leg Raises- legs straight in the air lift with no momentum. Your lower back 3 inches off the ground.

And last Daniel Craig’s Cardio blast:

1000M Row as fast as possible on level 10! 

Daniel Craig

Daniel Craig

Daniel Craig’s Diet:

Daniel Craig Ate 3 Meals Per Day and 2 Snacks. His diet was pretty strict with no refined Carbs after 2pm (e.g. white bread, pasta & rice). He also didn’t eat any starchy carbs after 5 pm (potatoes, bread, rice, sugary drinks, etc). He ate several servings of vegetables, 2 pieces of fruit and drank 2 Litres of water each day. It was important that he had a post workout energy snack after every workout. Alcohol was restricted to Friday and Saturday only.

Typical Day on This Diet:

Breakfast – 2 Poached Eggs and 2 pieces of Toast
Snack – Protein Shake or fruits/nuts and raisins
Lunch – Meat or Fish with small amount of Brown Rice or Baked Potato
Snack – Protein Shake -or- Yogurt with some Nuts
Dinner – Meat or fish with some type of leafy green vegetables like salad, asparagus, spinach, or broccoli.

Supplements Daniel Craig Took:

Creatine for volumizing and strength gains (Try this: Gaspari Nutrition SuperPump250)
Glutamine for immunity and muscle recovery (Try this: Higher Power Micronized Glutamine)
Whey protein for muscle tissue development (Try this: Nature’s Best Zero Carb Isopure)

[source: www.menshealth.co.uk]

Daniel Craig 007

Daniel Craig 007