Pink (Alecia Beth Moore )

DOB: September 8, 1979

Pink (often stylized as P!nk), is a two-time Grammy-winning American singer-songwriter who gained prominence in 2000.

P!nk released her first record, the R&B-oriented Can’t Take Me Home, in 2000 via LaFace Records. Her pop rock-based second studio album, M!ssundaztood, was released in 2001 and is her biggest seller to date. Her third album, 2003’s Try This, failed to match the success of M!ssundaztood. After taking a break, Pink released her fourth studio album, I’m Not Dead (2006), which was successful worldwide.

Row, Row, Row Your Way To Losing Pounds

One of the most useful activities that will help you lose wait is rowing. You can find a variety of fitness and athletic activities that use the rowing or similar techniques. The following is a list and description of some very popular and fun rowing techniques:

Canoeing: Believe it or not canoeing is not always just sitting on a calm, peaceful river drifting along carelessly. This activity takes work. You have to make sure that you are steering the boat in the right direction. Almost always, unless you are in a river with a slow steady current and not too much obstruction along its route, you usually have to row quite a bit. You also have to steer at every turn and curve of the river you are on. This can not only exercise your body but also can stimulate your mind and lead to greater health, and weight loss.

Whitewater Rafting: This activity is even more of a rush than canoeing, and is often done in rapid flowing waters, sometimes over small waterfalls. You need to pay attention while rafting down one of these trails, or you could get caught in a rock or drift downstream so fast you may not even know where you are going. Not only that, but you may wind up overturning the raft if you are not careful. The constant rowing and steering needed while making your way down the rapids is a constant workout for your arms and upper body.

Inner Tubing or Wood Rafting: Usually this activity is more for beginners who have never been rafting before. These activities are a quite a bit less strenuous than other types of rafting because they usually take place down a gentle stream or small river that has only a light current. However this could be a great warm-up and you can possibly lose a few pounds going down a river on one of these types of rafts (inner tube or wood raft).

Kayaking: If you love rowing sports and you have never been kayaking, this is the sport for you. Kayaking is much like a canoe only it is smaller and designed for just one person, who sits in a small seat area. A large portion of kayaks have safety devices that hold you in case you want to be brave and try to perform a flip in which you would complete a 360 degree turn under water and then back above water again. This activity is called the kayak roll. You can use this versatile piece of equipment to help you lose pounds-way more than navigating in a motorboat!

Swimming: This is one of the most common activities that actually involve stroke techniques rather than rowing motions. However, it is an outdoor water activity in which you use similar techniques to navigate through water. The technique used to travel through water while swimming is a great source of exercise for most of the muscles in both your arms and your legs.

Skiing and Ski Machines: Skiing is not usually thought of as a rowing activity any more than swimming. However, the sweeping strokes that you make while you maneuver along a trail or while you coast downhill usually involve the same or similar muscles that you would use while swimming or rowing. These workouts are especially great for the upper body and to help you give your heart a proper workout. They will also help you shed pounds.

Rowing Machines: Most weight rooms and aerobic workout centers have rowing machines in them. These can be used followed by bicycling exercises to work both your arms and legs, and well as most of your upper body. If you engage in this activity at a fast enough pace you will burn quite a bit of calories and fat.

You can also participate in variations of these above exercises to both decrease body fat and to build muscles. The right combination of these exercises will help firm all of your muscles and you will look thinner than you have ever looked before. Remember to also participate in a proper dieting program in order for your exercise to be safe and effective.

If you have any questions about the effectiveness of any of the above rowing exercises, you can ask a health care professional for more information. You can also learn more information through a certified personal fitness trainer or ask your friends and family for more workout tips. However you choose to go about losing weight and keeping it off, you will benefit from your workout and lifestyle changes greatly.

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