Myleene Klass Diet

DOB: 6 April 1978

Myleene Angela Klass is an English actress, singer, model, pianist and media personality, formerly a member of the now defunct pop band Hear’Say.

The TV presenter and mum of one, 30, reveals her love of caffeine and what she eats when she’s with Gok Wan!

“I had a Lemon Poppy Seed Muffin and a Skinny Cappuccino Grande from Starbucks. I had to get up really early, hence the coffee!” 520 calories

Nutritionist Ian Marber, The Food Doctor, says, “Myleene has had about 150mg of caffeine and a lot of refined carbohydrates. This would have given her a short-term boost and little sustainable nutrition. If she’d had an apple and some nuts with her drink instead, she’d have benefited from the nuts’ essential fats and protein.” 281 calories


“I had pasta with pesto, tomato and pine nuts. I didn’t make it myself – I just peeled open the lid! I was filming my Miss Naked Beauty show on location, so I was in a rush. I had another coffee and water.” 594 calories

Ian says, “This meal is 90 per cent carbohydrates, which are processed quite rapidly, so it’s likely she would have been feeling tired afterwards. She would have been better off adding a can of tuna to the meal.” 672 calories


“I had carrots and hummus. I wouldn’t have had it but it was laid out for me. I also had some strawberries, Polos, a Diet Coke and I snacked on edamame beans.” 288 calories

Ian says, “There’s protein in hummus, vitamins in carrots, antioxidants in strawberries and nine essential amino acids in edamame beans. But a banana would have been better than Polos and Diet Coke.” 367 calories


“It gets worse! Dinner was with Gok Wan and I had spring rolls and chips with lots of bean sprouts. I didn’t eat any meat today, but I’m not a veggie.” 723 calories

Ian says, “Bean sprouts are good but spring rolls and chips are fried, so there is a lot of saturated fat. She would have been better having chicken and veg.” 525 calories


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