Celebrity Fitzness Report with Erin Andrews

DOB: May 4, 1978
Erin Andrews born in Lewiston, Maine is an American sportscaster. In 2007 and 2008, she was voted “America’s Sexiest Sportscaster” by Playboy Magazine.
The Fitzness interview
Fitz: You are pretty great shape! What do you do?

Erin: Traveling for my job makes staying in shape really hard. We’re on the road so much, and for me … it’s tough cause I’m one of the only girls on site. I’m really close with the other talent and the broadcasters, so we go out to eat all the time. Today we had hamburgers! Eating on the road is the worst way to eat. Not only that, but I’m surrounded by guys! When you’re surrounded by men, you eat and drink like a guy.

Fitz: Not good news for a slender woman like you!

Erin: Two years ago, when I did Thursday night football with Kirk Herbstreit, I gained ten pounds with him! At dinner we’d get four or five appetizers, a big meal and drinks. For breakfast, we’d have pancakes for appetizers. My pants stopped fitting last year.

Fitz: When you grow out of your clothes, it’s time to draw the line.

Erin: Not only that, but my new big butt was showing up on the internet courtesy of all the camera phones! I was like, “Ahhh! What happened to my butt!!!”

Fitz: Did you lose the weight?

Erin: Yes. I’ve been working really hard this past year. I got a trainer and he’s taught me how to exercise on the road, which really matters for me. I now have a routine I can do with my iPod.

Fitz: Great! So it’s been working for you.

Erin: Yes. I just love to eat. So, I want to be able to eat when I want to eat. Exercising allows me to do that.

Fitz: What kind of exercise do you do?

Erin: Mostly weight training. I find that works best for me. I also run stadiums and use the university gyms on occasion when we’re given permission.

Fitz: What’s your favorite healthy food?

Erin: I just got into seared tuna. I’m obsessed with it now.

Fitz: What’s your favorite not-so-healthy food?

Erin: I love lasagna. Read meat and potatoes too.

Fitz: Seems like you’re evolving!

Erin: Yes. I’m trying to cut out soda too. When I do, I drop weight quickly. Now, I’m a water girl.

Fitz: Do you do push-ups?

Erin: My trainer has me do sets of eight or 12 in various ways, but I do them girlie style.

Fitz: Ugh! I’m going to have to give you a hard time on that one, cause you CAN do regular push-ups. No reason not too.

Erin: I know, I know.

Fitz: This is your new assignment in life, Erin. I want to see lots of regular push-ups from you when you make it back to UF in the fall. I, and millions of AOL readers, will be checking on you.

Erin: OK. I’ll work on that. I promise I will.

Fitz: Where is your favorite place to vacation?

Erin: Hawaii is beautiful and so is Scottsdale in the winter.

Fitz: Do you work out on vacation?

Erin: Absolutely. My friend who’s a chiropractor and I are always on each other to work out. We like to pretend we are Giselle and pretend it’s our job.

Fitz: It kind of is your job. People expect you to look a certain way when you’re on TV.

Erin: It’s sad, but true!

Fitz: What gets you up to exercise when you’re feeling like a slacker?

Erin: As corny as it is, my Justin Timberlake CD. I’m also a closet Britney fan.

Fitz: Best advice for the average Joe or Jane just trying to get better?

Erin: Grab a set of weights. Do squats and arms at the same time! You’d be amazed at what you can accomplish in just 20 or 30 minutes.