Demi Moore and that bikini body

Seeing Demi Moore in a bikini in Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle makes us wonder how she stays in shape.
DOB: November 11, 1962

Demi Moore Bikini Body

Demi Moore Bikini Body

Demi Moore is an American actress of Greek descent. In the early 1990’s she became one of the highest paid actresses in Hollywood following her successes in A Few Good Men (1992), Indecent Proposal (1993) and Disclosure (1994). She returned to prominence with her role in Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle (2003).

Demi Moore is the mother of three daughters from her marriage to Bruce Willis. She has been married to actor Ashton Kutcher since 2005.

Demi Moore Diet
Moore has used the Zone diet and herbal teas and vitamins to help boost her energy and keeping her alert. She also get help with an organic and raw diet.

Demi Moore Exercise
Demi is into yoga, pilates, and cardio.

Demi has recently admitted she hasn’t been as dedicated as her husband. She confessed,
“I have only done the yoga DVD of the P90X so far and that kicked my a–! The husband is banging it out everyday though! I need to motivate!!”
[source: Us Weekly]

2009 Movies
Bunraku as Alexandra – post-production
Happy Tears as Laura – post-production
The Joneses as Kate – filming

demi moore bikini black

Demi Moore black bikini