Amaury Nolasco Workout

DOB: December 24, 1970
Amaury Nolasco is an Puerto Rican actor, best known for the role of Fernando Sucre on the television series Prison Break and Movie appearance in 2008 Max Payne as Jack Lupino.

amaury nolasco buff

amaury nolasco buff

While the gym bores Nolasco to death, it’s a necessity. “You don’t want to have to use doubles for shirtless scenes,” he says. So he’s picked up boxing with a former Navy SEAL trainer, in addition to body weight training, medicine ball exercises, and tons of ab work. “The show picks up about six months from where we left off [in the season three finale],” says Nolasco. “It was my personal choice for the audience to see a physical change in my character.”