Strength training exercises: How to do a Full Burpee

Strength training exercises
Quadriceps (front of legs)
Squat (compound) • Leg press (compound) • Lunge (compound) • Leg raise (compound) • Leg extension (isolation)
Hamstrings (back of legs)
Deadlift (compound) • Leg curl (isolation)
Calf raise (isolation)
Pectorals (chest)
Bench press (compound) • Fly (isolation) • Pec dec (isolation) • Press-up/Push-up (compound) • Pullover (isolation)
Lats and trapezius (upper back)
Bent-over row (compound) • Chin-up (compound) • Pulldown (compound) • Pullup (compound) • Shoulder shrug (isolation)
Deltoids (shoulders)
Front raise (isolation)  • Handstand push-up (compound) • Lateral raise (isolation) • Military press (compound) • Shoulder press (compound) • Upright row (compound) • Rear delt raise (isolation)
Triceps (back of arms)
Dip (compound) • Pushdown (isolation) • Triceps extension (isolation)
Biceps (front of arms)
Biceps curl (isolation)
Abdomen and obliques (belly)
Crunch (isolation) • Sit-up (isolation) • Leg raise (compound) • (any rotational movement will engage the obliques)
Lower back
Back extension (isolation) • Deadlift (compound) • Good-morning (compound)  • Hyperextension