The Top Benefits of Running

A lot of people start running due to the benefits of running and active aerobic exercises. It is true that more than 60% of persons buy running shoes to make us of these benefits related with health and weight. However many young people dedicate their free time doing jogging due to the positive benefits of running related with better self confidence, muscles building and fun.

One of the biggest advantages of running is that you lose weight very efficiently and build muscles at the same time. The muscles start to burn fat more effectively. Actually 60% of the runners do it due to one of the most famous benefits of running: burning fat, reducing the cholesterol levels and the triglycerides.

The frequent cardiovascular exercises performed by e.g. runners and triathletes cause the building of muscles and prevent from losing muscle mass as well as bone mass. Frequent sitting in front of a computer leads to muscle regression and weakness of the bones. Your skeleton can stay in better health condition and support the weight of your bones and tissues as a consequence of regular running training.

Medicine has discovered that among above listed benefits of running the risk of stroke, cardiovascular diseases and breast cancer are decreased. Running is frequently prescribed to patients with early symptoms of osteoporosis, hypertension or diabetes. The arteries of runners and triathletes are more elastic and contract without any problems almost three times faster than the ones of untrained people. Ordinary people make use of about 50% of their lungs while runners and endurance sportsmen get to use up to 100% of their lungs volume.

One of the major benefits of running is that it builds your confidence. You may build your individual program, starting from the easiest exercises and going towards more difficult tasks when growing stronger. With running you create feelings of inner peace and closer connection to nature which both ultimately increase your spirit and even your productivity.

In running the last point is often referred to as the “Runner’s High”. Running outdoors leads to releases of endorphins – the “hormones of happiness”. The result is a sense of happiness or even euphoria. Triathletes know about this effect and appreciate it as an additional benefit during training and competition. Just as a side note: Doctors also perfectly know about these ramifications and use them in treating depressions and different types of addictions.

Another worthwhile benefit of running is improving your coordination. Running training especially on unpaved trails dramatically increases your intra-muscular coordination. Triathletes who also run offside the road e.g. on a park trail or in a wood regularly train their foots, ankles, knees and overall sense of coordination.

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