Chris Hemsworth Thor Workout Routine

Chris Hemsworth as Thor

Chris Hemsworth as Thor

Chris Hemsworth born August 11, 1983 in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, best known for playing the roles of Kim Hyde in the Australian soap opera Home and Away.Chris Hemsworth will portray Marvel Comics character Thor. While you may not have heard of Chris Hemsworth, but you’ll remember him after seeing him as the character in Thor.
He gained over 20lbs to play the role of Thor, Sleeping and training were two of the three critical components to Hemsworth’s success. Diet was probably the most critical though. He focused on eating as much as possible, including chicken, meat, protein shakes, and healthy carbs. Saturated fat and sugar had to be limited.

“I put on a lot of weight — I put on about 20 pounds at one point. It was purely eating, eating, eating, working out and working out, trying to sleep as much as you can — that’s the other third of the equation. The eating was the biggest thing; since stopping shooting I probably work out the same but don’t eat as much, and I’ve probably lost 15 pounds or something. Chicken breasts and protein shakes, boiled chicken . . . clean meats, the right carbs. Sickly stuff.”



Blake Griffin A day in the life an Insane workout

Clippers forward Blake Griffin shows us how great work ethic get you places.Blake Austin Griffin (born March 16, 1989) is an American professional basketball player for the Los Angeles Clippers of the National Basketball Association (NBA).He played college basketball for the Oklahoma Sooners, winning the Naismith Award and John Wooden Award, and was named the Associated Press and the Big 12 Player of the Year in his second year. Griffin left college to enter the 2009 NBA Draft where he was selected with the number one pick by the Los Angeles Clippers

Blake Griffin A day in the life an Insane workout.

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